Karmakarzi really works!

Karma Karzi® is a special blend of natural essential oils, and it really works !

It creates a blocking layer on the surface of the water to trap unwanted odours, whilst leaving bathrooms fresh and fragrant.

This toilet spray is designed to be used before your go leaving a fresh smell.

So how do we know it work

  • This before you go toilet spray traps odour under the toilet water surface.
  • The natural essential oils in Karma Karzi® create a highly effective barrier
  • You do your number #2 as usual enjoying the fragrant fresh smell
  • Because the barrier on the top of the water creates a trap the odour never gets out !

So stop thinking about air fresher and other products which spray in the air and start using Karma Karzi® today.

Karma Karzi® is a little fresh thinking …. Try it today and transform your bathroom experience.

Remember – KarmaKarzi has been created and manufactured in the UK.