Our aim is for everyone to to have a great Karma Karzi® experience, if your question is not answered below, please use the contact form and we will try to answer your question.

Does Karma Karzi® really work?
Yes, it really does work, read our product reviews..
How does Karma Karzi® work?
It works by creating a blocking layer near the surface of the water that traps all those nasty odours before they can escape into the air.  When you have done your business, the fresh and fragrant aromas of Karma Karzi® are released to combat any nasty bathroom smells.  After flushing, a few more sprays leaves the bathroom smelling better than when you found it.  Go to how it works for more information.
How do I use Karma Karzi®?
Spray directly into the toilet bowl before you go, for a Karma Karzi®. Shake well before use. Before using the toilet, spray 1 to 3 times directly onto the water surface. Ensure water surface is covered.
What is in Karma Karzi® and is it safe to use?
Karma Karzi® is a special blend of essential oils and is safe to use in all toilets.
Where can I buy Karma Karzi®?
At the moment Karma Karzi® is only available to purchase on this website, follow this link to place your order now.  We are always looking at other ways for customers to enjoy a Karma Karzi®, you can follow us on facebook @karmakarzi and on twitter @karma_karzi to keep updated.
Who makes Karma Karzi®?
Karma Karzi® is made exclusively by Absolute Clear Solutions Limited.
Where is Karma Karzi® made?
Karma Karzi® has been developed by some very clever people and is made in the United Kingdom.
Can I order via the telephone?
Unfortunately, we do not accept orders via telephone. All orders are processed online, via this website.  Follow this link to place your order now.
Can I pay for an order using a cheque or cash?
Unfortunately, we do not accept payment by cheque or cash. We only accept payment by credit or debit cards, for a full list, please go to our order & returns page.
I have not received my order?
If your order hasn’t arrived after 7 days, or arrives incomplete please use our contact form or call us on 0161 694 6522..
How can I get a refund?
Full details can be found on our order & returns page.