Don’t want to cause a stink in the bathroom

Here at Karma Karzi® we are passionate about helping our customers.

From experience we know that some bowel movements are really smelly. We are also very aware that after some time this becomes a great source of embarrassment. It’s important to remember that all excrement has some odour, although the degree to which these scents are found offensive varies from nose to nose.

One common cause is a stool with a lot of fat in it, which is the result of a high fat diet. Fatty faeces, in addition to looking different, will often float around. If you think this is something affecting you it’s worth considering a lower fat diet which should change the stool.

Some other symptoms, in addition to an odour, may well indicate a physical problem. If you observer any of the following it may be that it needs medical attention, these include:

    • Abnormally coloured stools (especially pale ones)
    • Mucus in the stool
    • Bloody stools
    • Symptoms such as abdominal pain, fever, cramping, and/or weight loss

A quick spray of Karma Karzi® directly in the bowl should help mask the smell and could save you from some of the stress.

Karma Karzi® is a special blend of essential oils that combats those nasty bathroom smells.

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