About Us

Hi I’m Andrew, founder of this UK manufacturing business.  I don’t want to share with you all my bodily functions, but I’m one of the thousands of people out there that has a bowel problem.100ml-x-4

I know its a big taboo amongst most people and an embarrassing subject to embrace, however everyone needs to go at some point and I wanted to find a way of masking that embarrassment.

A traditional spray just didn’t cut it for me, it left me feeling even more conspicuous, as the wet spray from the air freshener would make me sneeze and cough and the smell would stick to my clothes, making sure everyone knew where I had been.  

I knew I needed to find a solution.

So, whilst sat on the throne one day, whistling to hide any noise, my mind switched to how to mask the smell.  I thought about how essential oils made me feel relaxed and calm at times, so I wanted to make sure that what I developed had those properties.

What would be the best way to deliver this solution?  Spray in the air?  No!  Spray directly into the bowl?  Yes!  Yes, spray directly into the bowl.  Before or After. . . Definitely before. . . and that’s where it all began.

Working with an experienced chemist we developed four fabulous fragrances that did the trick.